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new/piercing question

hello everyone *smiles*
I am new here and wanted to say hello but I also had a question that is worring me. I just got a labret friday (nov.24th) and I finally got most of the swelling down and the pain is not as bad but tonight I have been noticing that the front of my rod keeps coming off. it fell off twice in the past 30. minutes. I'm worried that if I go out and it falls off, I will lose my labret. is that supose to happen? it hurt like hell but I put it back on and tightened it as best as I could. I'm still worried that it's going to come off when I am out and I will lose the piercing :\ I know when I got my nipples done, the balls never fell off, I dont understand why this one is.

here is a picture of my labret a hour after being done

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