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Matching Tats



Ok these are the images I am going off of. I want to combine these images and add a little of my own ideas to create matching tattoos for me and my fiance. We wanted something to signify our love for eachother and our personalities together but not have someone's name tattood on us.

We chose the sun and moon because of how our personalities differ, but still work harmoneously (I can't spell). I love the way the sun and moon are kissing in the first tattoo and I like how the moon has clouds around it instead of rays in the second tattoo.

Ok He is Black. Would the color show up on his skin? He states that he would want it across his left pec by his heart. For me I would like to put it somewhere more conceled like on my hip, I plan on a different piece for my lower back in the future and don't want to detract from that. Would on my hip or the back of my neck be good placement?
I would love any suggestions. Also anyone know really good artists in SC? I want to get it done right the first time ya know?
Thank you!
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